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Sunday, September 24, 2017

TS4 Mushroom Collection

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Price - 0$. Build -> Flower & Buy -> Plant.
Russula 01 & 02 have 3 colors in each.
Names of mushrooms: Boletus, Amanita, Morel, Russula, Chanterelles, Mystical Truffles, Big Umbrella.
Set includes 16 objects, all with a custom thumbnail:

Made with: TSR Workshop

Separated File (файлы по отдельности в архиве):
yadisk | depositfiles
Merged File (все файлы упакованы в один .package):
yadisk | depositfiles

Instructions for downloading here
Other Custom Content:
Autumn mod by DaniParadise
Autumn leaves rug by Severinka
Autumn Recolors Grass Pack by me

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  1. Hi! I have adored your stuff for years, but unfortunately still play The Sims 3. Would you be so kind to consider making these lovely mushrooms for TS3 too? Thank you <3