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Thursday, February 10, 2011

TS3 Bedroom "Valentine" (Updated!)

All recolorable, and all objects have been compressed
You will find in the section: furniture, plants, wall lights, rugs, paintings and misc decor
Converted from The Sims 2.

sims3pack, package
I fixed double bed, now Sims are sleeping properly:

For Patch 1.26 - 1.67 ​(1.69)(New Version with Fixed Bed)


  1. Very beautiful!

  2. Wow, I just discovered your blog, so much great stuff!!!

  3. Um... This doesn't seem to work in game. All of the objects conflict with each other (this is of March 2011). Whether you want to fix this is totally up to you, but I just thought you should know! :).

    Very gorgeous and thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. Sian, у меня игра обновлена до последнего обновления и стоят Мартовские объекты от ЕА (если я правильно поняла), но никаких конфликтов Не возникало.
    Привожу картинку из игры:
    Опишите свою проблему подробнее.

  5. Sian, did you discover this by checking the objects with Delphy's tool? It shows conflicts wrong sometimes) I have this bedroom and many other objects from Helen and other creators and didn't get any issues

  6. Its So cute, I love blankets that you can place on a bed, so thank you for it, I love the valentines theme! :)

  7. I've had very bad conflicts with the bed, cause it ISN'T Update Patch 1.26. The same bugs with all beds in that time, where bevor patch 1.26. With Rigfix shows - not update. But the Beds must be new meshed for this update.....please fix it, or make a "attention" for this bed...

  8. galadrielh, спасибо за ваше сообщение. Я давно не играю в Симс 3 и эту спальню не проверяла у себя после обработки TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer. Сейчас проверила и действительно есть баг. Постараюсь исправить в ближайшее время.

  9. i love the look of this set but the download link seems to be missing, not sure if its my explorer or not.

  10. Thanks for the update! This set looks lovely:)