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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TS3 Collection handbags

*click on the pictures*

Have 3 recolorable areas:

Set includes 5 things:
bags as accessories (for female, teen, young, adult and elder; you can find it in rings, thumbnail in CAS and launcher): 
• for left hand
• for right hand
• for left shoulder
• for right shoulder
bag as object (decor):
• it's decor, you can find it in miscellaneous decor, price - 20$.
You can rotate bags (only decor) by using rotating OMPS (by newshoes) how you want. I used them on the first screenshot.
Texture of bag (accessory) can be blurred if you dress several accessories. So, if you dress earrings (or other accessory) and this bag, texture will be blurred and bad.
In archive you can find combined file which includes all 5 bags. Also you can take ordinary packages (not combined) in Separate files.
It doesn't request any addons.

sims3pack and package
➲ dfiles ➲ unibytes


  1. Hi , i just wanted to let you know that i will be posting daily updates of creators creations on my blog. If your items is featured on my blog, I will of course redirect the download to your page. You can suggest some of your creations by clicking the " Share your Stuff" tab.
    Looking forward to see more of your beautiful items.

    1. BestDailySims, спасибо за ваш визит)

  2. Hello, I already loved your bags for the Sims 3. And I want to know whether to convert the sims 4 would be relevant? Because I do not play at all in Sims 3 , and I have never found better. Please!!!!!!!!!! I really love your work !!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Adorei as bolsas! são lindas!! Obrigada