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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

TS3 Garden Patio Set

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Edible Persimmon find in section Small Appliances:

Your Sims will be able to eat persimmons. Thanks to ATS Sandy for the idea!
The chair has slot for decoration. Bring a pillow to the chair, and she will be placed on a chair.

Separated File sims3pack and package (файлы по отдельности в архиве):
yadisk ( | share4web
Merged File only package (все файлы package упакованы в один):
yadisk ( | share4web

Made with: TSR Workshop

Instructions for downloading here
credits: maryata (3ddd)

Other CC:
Melissa by Ms_Katinka
Autumn leaves by Luna
Autumn leaves rug by Severinka

TS4 Garden Patio Set here

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