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воскресенье, 25 июня 2017 г.

TS4 Fruit Set (Updated 16 July)

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All found in Misc Decor, price - 1$ and 8$.
The set includes: jam (2 colors), rambutan, guava, fig, lychee, longan, peaches, pears.
File Helen-FruitSet-BowlWithRambutans_TS4 updated for Seasons!
via shorte
Separated File (файлы по отдельности в архиве):
Merged File (все файлы упакованы в один .package):

Instructions for downloading here
Other CC:
Ceramic plates by SIMcredible.

Made with: TSR Workshop
credit: キャベツ鉢

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  1. Would you convert this set to sims 3? Thanks anyway.