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Sunday, January 9, 2022

TS3 Sculptures 5 items (old work)

I made these sculptures a very long time ago (back in 2012), but did not upload them)))).
٠ 5 objects;
٠ find in sculptures;
٠ the price is 200 simoleons;
٠ completely repainted, all have one channel, except for a large art object - there are 3 repainting channels.
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  1. Hi, I took a look at your blog and noticed a bunch of Missing/Dead link CC:

    TS3 2 Bats
    TS3 5 текстур Ткани
    TS3 25 текстур Мех
    TS3 Abstract painting
    TS3 Accessories Princess Set
    TS3 Bamboo Painting
    TS3 Bedroom Rose
    TS3 Bow earrings
    TS3 Chalk drawings
    TS3 Cosmetics
    TS3 Earings set Happy New Year!
    TS3 Girls - stencils set 2
    TS3 Hallway
    TS3 Headband accessory
    TS3 Heart accessories
    TS3 Mustache Ring
    TS3 Necklace Giraffe for girls
    TS3 Painting Beautiful Winter - Orient
    TS3 Painting Beautiful Winter
    TS3 Painting Open Window
    TS3 Painting SWAROVSKI (2nd painting)
    TS3 Pepper Earrings
    TS3 Sand terrains
    TS3 Scene Background
    TS3 Stencils Mermaids
    TS3 Stencils Mix
    TS3 T-shirts My Blue Nose Friends
    TS3 Valentine's Wings, Pendant and Earrings
    TS3 Vintage Patterns
    TS3 Wedding Set
    TS3 Wood Patterns Set
    TS3 Весенние текстуры
    TS3 Картины Karl Bang
    TS3 Картины Былая красота
    TS3 Картины художницы Janice Darr Cua
    TS3 Мини-набор Flower Set
    TS3 Текстуры Золото и дерево
    TS3 Текстуры Кирпич и камень
    TS3 Текстуры Сланец

    1. Hi. Я постараюсь поправить ссылки, но не знаю когда, совсем нет времени на это.